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          Online Public Relations

          OnlinePublic Relations is dedicated to helping youdeliver
          better, faster and less-expensive PR and marketing communications.

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          23nd Year (1997 - 2020)

          Updated 01/14/20


          PR Resources

          193 General news, media, social media & blog links

          353 Online marketing/PR /IR links

                  84 Financial media/info links

                 64 US Publicaffairs/political/blog links

          78 Medical media/info links

          66 PR job/career links

                  66 Computer/web medialinks

                  17 Forms/links for PRservice control


          121 PR/communications white papers/essays

                 324 Information links by industry

                  The successful media interview

          139 Web/computer links

           62 Case studies with Q&A's

                 24 General research/reference desk links

                 Strategic communications course

          139 Directory/encyclopedia/calendar/fraud alert links


                 86 Map, travel, weather, zip and metric conversion sites

                Thoughts as of 01.15.20

          87 Dictionaries/ quotationcheckers/ style guides


                 35 Phone, mail, biz &people finder links


           52 Search engines/Advice sites/Complaint sites


                 57 literature links


          6 Paid search/Investigation service links


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